Installation issue

I have finished create snowplow stack on aws as below

but when I comeback on try snowplow. It’s saying that installation is in progress

Is there any solution to solve this problem?

Hey @Nawinda -

Thanks for trialling Snowplow, and sorry to see you’ve hit this issue.

The easiest fix is to delete the stack in AWS, click “I need to restart the installation process”, and then retry installation. I appreciate that is more effort for you to have to run the installation again, but for the few people who have hit this issue, it has worked on a second attempt.

Alternatively, we are planning on shortly releasing a version of the trial where you will not need to install the tech on your infrastructure. Instead we will host the pipeline, more in-line with a typical SaaS solution. If you’d prefer to wait for that release then I can notify you once we’ve rolled that out (all being well it should be next week).


Hey @Nawinda - one of our engineers has also added further details that may be helpful:

After the stack deployment finishes we need to provision a set of URLs that the pipeline uses. It takes a couple of minutes to get a URL and a valid certificate. If anything goes wrong at this point it usually means that there are permissions incompatibilities imposed by the AWS account setup. With the self-hosted trial we are not able to look into your logs nor statuses. To verify you can navigate to you AWS console’s Elastic Container Service, find your snowplow cluster and look through the logs in the running/stopped tasks.

@mikej-snowplow I already grant all the required permission follow this document
Installing Try Snowplow on AWS (old version) - Snowplow Docs. Is there any permission do I need more?

ps. It’s my 3rd time restart the installation process but I still facing the same problem.

Hey Nawinda, sorry for the inconvenience. We’ve been doing our best to make it work in a variety of AWS configuration, but sometimes you hit an edge case. I’m afraid we can’t directly point you towards a solution, but if you’d be able to provide us with some of the logs from ECS @mikej-snowplow mentioned before. Most importantly there’s a log file for an entity named agent. This is the piece that does the certificate resolution. Can you check if it did yield any errors?
Another possible set of errors might be coming in pipeline logs as well. Please do check for errors there.

@mikej-snowplow @peel I have finished the installation process. Thanks to both of you!!

Hey @Nawinda - great, pleased to hear that!