Trying out Snowplow for a demo/learning

Hi Folks,

I am new to using Snowplow and am looking for some guidance on how easy it is to set up in Amazon AWS. Ideally I am looking for something like a Sandbox or Amazon AMI which I can use to install a noddy little installation for trying out. (I am assuming that I only need Open Source software for now)

I understand that there is a Virtualbox single machine setup which is created with Vagrant. That might help for local development and learning, but I am not sure if that can be launched in Amazon AWS. Is it easy to fake data coming in to the Virtualbox quick-start sandbox?

Feel free to point me at a FAQ or web page I should have read before posting :wink:

If that is not realistic and installing Snowplow in AWS takes much longer then can anyone describe what a Snowplow newbie would need to do to create a test/demo instance.


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Hello @alexmc6,

I believe, what you are looking for is Snowplow Mini (introduction blog post). This is simple version of our real time pipeline with ElasticSearch/Kibana as frontend. Full Snowplow pipeline (both batch and realtime) is different in many ways and what is most important very scalable and provides you much more ways to explore your data, but Mini can give you a rough idea what you can use Snowplow for and what you can track with it.

Vagrant unfortunately used only for development, it cannot be used for deployment.

Also, I wouldn’t say it takes too much time to setup full pipeline, All detailed documentation is on wiki, just few hours and you have fully functional and scalable pipeline. And community is always here to help if you have any questions.