Video Learning Tutorial: Setup for absolute beginners

Hi everyone,

My name is Alex and I have recently discovered the wonderful world of Snowplow. My end goal is to setup a production pipeline that will support our business in the future and right now I am setting up a PoC using the Quick Start Documentation.

The goal of the quick start documentation is to help setting up Snowplow fast but it still requires an advanced level of knowledge if you ask me. And although I have 20+ years of IT experience and passed the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam recently, I can definitely use more guidance.

Basically, I am a visual learner so I would love to see how an engineer goes through all the steps of setting up Snowplow on AWS, including the prerequisites like how to get started with Terraform, the CLI, etc. Basically, showing the setup process step by step via a screen share would be an awesome start. Ideally this would be a video (series) and shared via platforms like Youtube or the Snowplow site.

Is there any video material like this out there you can recommend? From what I have found searching Discourse, the Snowplow site and Youtube channel, this is not the case unfortunately.

Is the creation of this type of video content (setup step by step for beginners) on the backlog? If not, is there a way I can contribute to the creation process?

Looking forward to your answer.


Hi Alex,

Welcome to discourse and Snowplow!

A video series is a really great idea - and something that we have been thinking about already, so your feedback is very timely. It would be great to collaborate with you, so I’ll reach out to you directly to arrange a call if you’re interested? We can also go through the quick start setup to get you going.

Also, we are running a Product office hours session on September 15th where we will be live demo-ing the quick start set up & available to answer any questions that you have about it. I’ll share the sign-up details here as soon as they are available!


Hi Emily,

Thank you for your super quick response!

Glad to learn that the team has been thinking about a video series and also great to learn that you will host a Product office hours session on the Quick Start Setup in September.

RE: collaborate on both, yes of course! Feel free to DM me / reach out directly to plan a follow-up. Happy to help. Would be great to learn a thing or two about the setup a long the way :slight_smile:


Hey Alex,

Our registration for our office hours on setting up Snowplow Open Source using quick start is live - we’re excited for you to join us!


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Hi Sophie,

Awesome :slight_smile: Just enrolled!

I have also been documenting my quick start setup journey which I will share with Emily later this week. Hopefully it will be useful to the team in preparing the upcoming office hours session.