Advice for Newcomers? Where to begin for those familiar with Adobe or Google Analytics implementation and analysis?

Hi all,

I’m soliciting advice on how someone familiar with Adobe and/or Google Analytics can get started with Snowplow. I have taken a run at the Snowplow Mini Quickstart, but quickly found myself lost in the technical details of the guide. I feel like there is a lot of great direction, but I’m missing the foundational parts. I don’t know why I’m doing the steps or what I’m trying to accomplish.

I’m wondering if I jumped in at the wrong spot. Are there any more basic resources that would give me a mental framework for Snowplow?

My goal is to put together a basic implementation of Snowplow Analytics so that I can understand it well enough to advise clients on when and where it might apply to them.

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Thank you in advance.

I would suggest going through the setup guide:

It could definitely use a reduction for first time users, as it gets pretty technical, and there are so many working pieces. But I think it’s the most up to date resource on setting up and hence learning what snowplow really is.

Thank you!

@StewSchiling If you’re specifically interested in how the data is structured and what is being tracked, you might also find the section on the canonical event model useful:

Hi @StewSchiling - I’ve reached out on LinkedIn. You might also want to check out Jesse Alama’s book “Discover Snowplow”:

Any ideas from members of the community how we can make getting started with Snowplow easier would be much appreciated :smile:

Thanks, all. I really appreciate the guidance.