Snowplow Setup Tutorial


I never got an answer to my last question about the Pixel issue using the CloudFront collector, so I tried to set up Snowplow using the Clojure collector.

Unfortunately I’ve hit a stumbling block again.

Snowplow looks fantastic, and it’s something I’d really like to use and keen to learn, but the whole “step-by-step” set-up on Github is so outdated and fragmented.

Does anyone know of an up-to-date set-up tutorial?


I have replied to that post just now.

Does anyone know of an up-to-date set-up tutorial?

The GitHub wiki is the collection of instructions on setting up Snowplow pipeline. Snowplow does require some technical skills. Could you be more specific about an issue you might have come across or discrepancies in the wiki?

There are some 3rd party instructions and even book(s) on setting up Snowplow pipeline. You would need to search for those.

can you tell me how to install snowplow from scratch?

Hi @Aniket_Rawool,
The most straightforward guides are provided in our Open Source Quick Start guides. There is also a video guide in our Sept 2021 Office Hours. Some people still find Simo Ahava’s guides useful but they are from 2018 and much has changed since then.
If you have any technical questions, it’s best to raise them in a new thread here.

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hi @EddieM , I Need a guide about installation of snowplow in Aws. Read the guide, but its confusing.
can you help me about the installation of snowplow in aws from begining. it would be the great help.
thank you for your support!

Hi @Aniket_Rawool did you read the docs here : Quick Start Installation Guide on AWS | Snowplow Documentation

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Yes,I Read…but confusion is there… please help me … it’s urgent

Hey @Aniket_Rawool - I am sure we would all love to help you but you might need to be more specific about what exactly you need help with.

Can you elaborate on what exactly you are confused about / struggling with?

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Hi @Aniket_Rawool
@Timo_Dechau is producing an series on installing Snowplow on GCP. The first part has already dropped - it might be worth signing up to watch the rest of the series.

Thanks for the mention @EddieM.

@Aniket_Rawool - the first part is covering GCP but a bunch of things are also applicable for AWS.