Necessary updates to the "Install Snowplow On The Google Cloud Platform" guide from Simo Ahava

Hello all,

probably everyone who wants to build a Snowplow pipeline on the GCP will know the tutorial Install Snowplow On The Google Cloud Platform. However, since 2019, there have been so many changes to the Snowplow Pipeline that unfortunately the instructions (especially from the second half onwards) are not as easy to follow. Unfortunately, neither with the comments under the blog post nor with research I found out the necessary changes to be able to implement the tutorial successfully in 2022. Can anyone who has recently been able to implement the instructions perhaps tell me what adjustments are necessary?

Many thanks for your help

PS: I am familiar with the GCP Quick Start guide. In order not to confuse the approaches, I have already described the issues with this approach in another thread.


I am on the same boat, I am a beginner, and I cannot pass from the deployment of the latest version of the bigquery loader?, have you had any luck with this???

Yes, I was able to fix most of the problems already. Currently Iā€™m in the process of writing an updated documentation and automating most of it. This will probably take a while to fully complete, but if you are interested in the intermediate steps to the BigQuery loader feel free to contact me at my gmail address (riwiem).

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