Understand the end to end snowplow opensource process and setup

Hello Experts,

I am pretty new to snowplow, since couple of days I am reading through the snowplow opensource documentation. I got some idea about basic components.

I would like to implement the snowplow opensource java script tracker, collector and enricher.

Looking for a tutorial that will help me to understand the end to end snowplow process and setup.

Datta Pawar

Your best option is to start here: https://docs.snowplowanalytics.com/open-source-docs/ and follow the steps for either AWS or GCP.


Thank you for the reply.

Yep I am going through the same documents.

Though there is good amount of information but opensource set up is given in pieces. From that documentation I am not able to visualize how data will flow from website to data warehouse.

So I am looking for steps that I should follow to complete the open source set up for tracker, collector and enricher.

Please help with some tutorials/ steps.

Datta Pawar

This overview page, and the diagram, hopefully gives a good idea of the parts and how they stitch together: https://docs.snowplowanalytics.com/docs/understanding-your-pipeline/architecture-overview-aws/