Is it possible to setup Snowplow in AWS China?

We are based in China. As you know we were blocked from Google service. I’m very exciting to find Snowplow as a powerful alternative to GA. AWS service is available in China, but it seems an independent ecosystem from AWS elsewhere. So I’m wondering if we can setup Snowplow in AWS China?


Hi @thecubicwater, welcome to the Snowplow discourse.

Looking at the available products on AWS in China, you should be able to run Snowplow - although I can’t make any guarentees.
The core products we require or suggest using are ELB, EC2, Auto Scaling, EMR, Kinesis, DynamoDB, Redshift, CloudFront and CloudWatch and they all seem to be available.

This is recommended for all Snowplow users but you will likely need to rehost the Hosted Assets as we don’t host these on AWS China regions.

It’s definitely possible but you may find that certain service endpoints for AWS may need to be modified to support running in China. I know this has been done for the S3 loader (which only supports cn-north-1 at the moment not cn-northwest-1) but I’m not too sure about the other components.

It’d certainly be interesting for someone to attempt the setup so we can identify where any of the service endpoints might be hardcoded to allow for more regional settings.

Hi Paul,

Thanks very much! I would like to learn more about your product. Is there anyone I can talk in Snowplow to see if we can have a chance to cooperate?

Hi Mike,

Thanks for your answer! Yeah, we definitely interested in hosting Snowplow in AWS China. Could you give me your email or any contact so we can discuss more about it?