Snowplow Client for GTM-SS v0.5.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Snowplow GTM Server-side Client v0.5.0!

This release adds as a new feature the ability to control the way the Snowplow Client sets the client_id and the user_id in the common event. This can be useful in cases when the previous behaviour, which is now the default, was not desired (for example when forwarding Snowplow events from server-side applications, where the domain_userid may not apply). You can find more details in this new Advanced common event options section in the documentation.


New features

Provide control over setting client_id and user_id in common event (#22)

Under the hood

Extend copyright to 2022 (#31)
Switch to domain (#30)
Add GitHub actions (#29)
Clean user_data object (#27)
Fix help test about unshredded self-describing event (#25)
Run template through prettier (#28)
Fix tests that throw error (#24)


You can upgrade by following the manual installation steps and importing the latest Snowplow Client template in your GTM Server side container, as also described here in the Snowplow docs.