Snowplow Tag for GTM-SS v0.5.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Snowplow Tag for GTM-SS v0.5.0!

This release allows to set self-describing properties from any type of variable in your self-describing event definitions, which was not possible in previous versions: the tag was casting values to strings, even with the “Default” type specified in the corresponding section of the tag configuration. Therefore, this is potentially a breaking change if both you have been using the “Default” type and you have been counting on this implicit casting when populating your self-describing data.

Furthermore this release fixes the encoding check for Snowplow events, which was not properly taking into account the already existing encoding. This change affects you only if you have been using the tag to modify the context of Snowplow events. Finally this release fixes the tracker version reference for the non-Snowplow events “tracked” using this GTM Server-side tag.


New features

Allow setting self-describing properties from any type of variable (#27)

Under the hood

Add test for setCookie (#31)
Switch to using createRegex (#29)
Make function descriptions consistent with JSDoc (#30)
Fix invalid test page view event (#25)
Fix encoding check for Snowplow events (#24)
Update copyright to 2023 (#23)
Update tracker version in template (#21)
Ensure version check applies to latest sha (#20)


Before upgrading please ensure that the Docker image of your GTM-SS container is v2.0.0 or later. In addition, if you are defining custom self-describing events, please ensure that when populating a property from a variable, its type is correctly set. The Snowplow GTM Server-side Tag is published in the GTM Gallery, and the option to update should become automatically available in your GTM SS instance.