HTTP Request Tag for GTM-SS v0.3.0

We are pleased to announce the release of HTTP Request Tag for GTM-SS v0.3.0!

This release adds two new features:

  1. Post-processing of payload values: This corresponds to a new configuration section, which provides a way to easily configure some basic post-processing (JSON.stringify and/or base64url encoding) of values in the constructed HTTP request payload.
  2. Supporting an alternative separator to dot notation: This new tick-box option allows you to set an alternative separator to dot notation when specifying possibly nested object paths and it may be useful when special characters are required in the property names of the HTTP Request payload.

This release also fixes a bug affecting the combination of In Array and Include All configuration settings, so it is now possible to use those options together.
Finally it fixes the x-sp-self_describing_event parsing. This is relevant only to users who have enabled the option to include the original self-describing event in the Snowplow Client configuration.


New features

Support alternative separator to dot notation (#2)
Add option for basic post-processing of payload values (#16)

Under the hood

Fix x-sp-self_describing_event parsing (#13)
Add GitHub Actions (#12)
Fix inArray wrapping with includeAll option (#11)


The HTTP Request GTM Server-side Tag is published in the GTM Gallery, and the option to update should become automatically available in your GTM SS instance.