Braze Tag for GTM-SS v0.2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Braze Tag for GTM-SS v0.2.0.

This release introduces new features in the Tag configuration.

More specifically this release extends the Identity Settings configuration options to allow using the User Alias as the Braze user identifier. In addition, when specifying the Alias Name and the Alias Label to create the User Alias object, you can choose to set them from an event property or directly from a provided value.

The Snowplow Event Context Rules configuration section has slightly changed in order to allow you to:

  • Also exclude an entity as a way to enhance controlling the mapping of the Snowplow events’ context entities in the event object or user attributes object of the Braze payload.
  • Specify whether the configured mapping applies to all versions of the entity.

This release also introduces a Logs Settings configuration section that allows you to control the logging behaviour of the Braze Tag, following the standardized logging format proposed by Stape.


New features

  • Allow using alias object as user identifier (#3) - thanks @jatc for the suggestion!
  • Add option to include or exclude an entity (#5)
  • Standardize logs (#4)

Under the hood


The Braze GTM Server-side Tag is published in the GTM Gallery, and the option to update should become automatically available in your GTM SS instance. The GTM updates UI allows you to review the changes, so you mostly need to ensure that:

  1. the external_id Identity setting is properly set: if the β€œSet external_id from:” field is set to Event Property(its default value), then the external_id field in v0.2.0 matches exactly the one from the previous version
  2. the Snowplow Event Context Rules are correctly mapped to the new configuration sections.