Adding SSL Cert to collector on AWS open source

Following the quick start instructions here: Further exploring your pipeline - Snowplow Docs. I have a collector that seems to be working on http. In order to actually test things out I need to get things running on https. I have our collector url that looks like this: The guide says to create the cert and add it to the terraform config, but I’m not sure what domain I’m getting a cert for. Do I need to register something specifically for this, or can I use the domain? When I try to create a cert for that domain, Amazon Cert Manager errors out (I imagine because it is their domain) with this message

The status of this certificate request is “Failed”. Additional verification required to request certificates for one or more domain names in this request.

Seems like a simple question but I can’t seem to find anything about securing domains owned by Amazon. Thanks in advance.

Ideally any domain (or subdomain) that you own - Amazon Certificate Manager should make this reasonably easy but you’ll need to own the domain (and either add your own certificate one or provision one using the tool).


Thanks @mike I’ve got a subdomain cert queued and I’ll see if I can get that to work.