Collector does not accept HTTPS / port 443 calls

After successfully setting up the collector and the pipeline based on the quick start example, we now realise that it is actually not working to HTTPS or port 443.

With snowplow-tracker for Python version 0.10.0 the Emitter defaults to HTTP and then everything works. If you however go for e = Emitter(collector_dns, protocol='https')
You get the error Failed to establish a new connection: [Errno 61] Connection refused'

We’re using an older version of the AWS quick start secure setup with collector-kinesis-ec2/aws 0.2.0 (Stream Collector v.2.3.1) and alb/aws 0.1.2

Any idea what might cause this? In the official documentation for the stream collector there are multiple SSL related options, but these are not accessible in the Terraform module?

If you read the fine print of the ALB module it says:

By default only HTTP is supported until a valid ACM certificate is supplied to the module at which point the HTTPS listener should be activated and ready for use.

I’m going to try to investigate if there is something strange with our certificate

Update: It had indeed not been set. Setting it resolved the issue.

I fixed it here: Add note on HTTPS for SSL certificate by medicinal-matt · Pull Request #31 · snowplow/quickstart-examples · GitHub

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Great, thanks for updating us and the PR!