Snowplow Collector SSL & DNS

I’ve followed the AWS open source quick start and think I have mostly everything setup right. When I load the javascript collector and try to send an event, it gives an ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error. I think its an issue with the SSL certificate and load balancer but AWS Certificate Manager was successfully setup via DNS record with GoDaddy and I have included the certificate ARN in the pipeline config so I am not sure what it could be. Anyone have an idea of where to look?

Thank you!

Are there any additional DNS records that need to be setup in addition to the CNAME record for the collector?

I get a successful response when curling the collectors http health endpoint, but failing to get a response from our https endpoint.

Edit: I think I solved it, just needed to create the additional CNAME record pointing to the collector’s load balancer.

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did you get it solved? I suppose only load balancer needs the DNS, I did setup a few months ago. So our custom domain points to the Elastic Load Balancer (elb)

Collector EC2’s are then behind the ELB.


It ended up being the missing CNAME record. I thought the subdomain CNAME record for AWS Certificate Manager DNS validation was all that was needed but didn’t think to add the CNAME record for the subdomain itself.

I appreciate you reaching out!


Hi @Ryan_Jansen
Glad you got it sorted & thanks for updating your thread - really helpful to others.