Access Snowplow Mini over HTTPS

Hi all,

I add in the domain name tab as image below but when I am access the address: after restarted all services and doesn’t work. Should I do something else?


Hey @nando_roz could you share the exact steps you went through to setup the custom domain name? You would first need to setup a DNS record pointing to your Mini instance before you can setup TLS - have you done this already?

Hey @josh , where should I do It?

Hey @nando_roz what do you use for DNS management currently? You need to add it a record in there.

Hi @josh ,

Yes my infra team already added and if I use this domain redirect to http. Should be redirect do https?

Perhaps you could expand on exactly what is not working? If its possible as well to share the endpoint (can be via DM if you are not comfortable sharing to the public) that would also help here.

Hi @josh my infra team submit this dns in our dns server pointed to my ip server. but is working over http. To use https I followed the doc, put this domain in the Control Plane page, imagem above, restart all servers and nothing happens.
My infra team told me that we need to use Load Balancer. Is that correct or following the doc should be worked? Or I am missing something? The IP resolve into dns server

Hi @nando_roz - what is the record you have set? I cannot help you debug anything without knowing what the endpoint is.

The endpoint does not resolve to anything so presumably this is not it?

Hey @josh the endpoint resolve just over http, https no. I set this endpoint you wrote in the domain in control plane

@nando_roz feels like we are going around in circles - lets reset!

The API in Mini will try to setup an SSL certificate for a domain that you have already configured yourself in your DNS management system. This is generally done by setting up a CNAME or A record to point to your Snowplow Mini instance.

It does not do anything else.

What is the DNS record that you have already configured in your DNS provider that is pointing to your Snowplow Mini IP Address?