Snowplow Mini - add a domain name on GCP + extra

Mini is running smoothly on GCP.
Some questions :

  1. If we want to reset the mini instance (delete enrichments for ex.) we need to reset theVM machine, correct ? /reset-service is not enough, right?
  2. On 0.14.2 the control plane is only accessible via swagger, correct? Docs reference 0.6.0 only.
  3. It’s not possible to setup a domain name with GCP (when I try server response is : ‘Given domain name does not redirect to host’) even if I can access mini via the domain we defined in our domain zone, exact?
  4. How can I authorise Https connexion to mini on GCP, then?
  5. Is this issue resolved ? How to enable https? · Issue #296 · snowplow/snowplow-mini · GitHub


Update : I was able to do it with a load balancer in GCP :sweat_smile:

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Reset service will restart that service but you are correct that it won’t remove any data. The upload enrichments endpoint will overwrite any existing data so if you want to remove enrichments you can remove it from this configuration file.

As far as I know yes, either via Swagger or by calling the API endpoints directly.

I think you’ve solved this one (and 3 / 4 as a result) which is in general to put a load balancer in front of Mini.

Thank you Mike! Can confirm, a LB in front of mini is functional.
This request to do an instance group first.
Happy plowing guys!

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I have another question : for technical and learning purpose, mini and Quick Start pipeline are running on the same site. 2 JS trackers are initailised and event dispatched between the two collectors endpoints. What about the cookies? Should I change the cookie name for one of them to avoid cookie value override ?

For the first party cookie - it’s probably not going to make too much difference (though you can change the cookie name in the tracker configuration) for testing purposes. At the very least you will want to change the namespace (again in the tracker configuration) as this will determine the name of your localStorage queue which may be shared if the namespace is identical between the two trackers.

Ok thanks, this is what we did, nameSpace + cookieName.

Another point about mini iglu-server, api and swagger :
In swagger UI instance validation endpoint is missing. A reason for that?
(I was able to do it with Curl → HOST/api/validation/validate/instance -X POST -H “apikey: YOUR_APIKEY” -d @myevent.json)

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Are you referring to the Swagger UI for the Control Plane or Iglu Server itself? I don’t think it’s documented a part of Control Plane as it’s technically an Iglu endpoint (although it may pass through) but it should be documented as part of the Swagger configuration for Iglu Server (which will be accessible at https://YOURURL/iglu-server/static/swagger-ui/index.html)

For Iglu-Server itself. Its not documented in the mini version.