Test Snowplow in PHP

Is there a way to test that the right snow plow events are firing on the backend (Through the snowplow PHP library)

Hey Rushil, I’m not completely sure what you are after, but there are a few options for debugging tracking in PHP apps:

  1. I would use Snowplow Micro as the Snowplow collector when you are developing your app locally or in your integration tests. This allows you to inspect the events being tracked including their payloads. You may also consider using a Snowplow Mini instance that more resembles a full Snowplow pipeline.
  2. There is a debug mode in the PHP tracker that you could activate to inspect the events being sent.

Please give us more context on what you are trying to achieve in case this doesn’t fit.

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Hi @Rushil_Saraogi, thanks for posting. Trial pipeline is a smaller version of Snowplow pipeline that comes with most of the features and some limitations but it does not limit you to how you track your events. PHP tracker is just fine to use. We don’t provide snippets on the UI as we mostly see people using JS and mobile with the trial, but there’s absolutely nothing preventing you from using PHP tracker.

@matus’ suggestions are perfectly valid for development purposes, but won’t provide you with some features (ie. enrichments) or be more cumbersome to set up than the trial. I’d suggest going ahead with the trial and trying out for yourself.