Snowplow PHP Tracker 0.3.0 release: paving the way for new features

We are pleased to announce the 0.3.0 release of our PHP tracker. This is a refresher release, paving the way for new features we plan to roll out in the next few months to better support companies tracking web visitors server-side using the PHP tracker (alongside client-side tracking via our Javascript tracker.)

This has been a community-driven release. Huge thanks to @albert-gonzalez for contributing the overhaul of the project skeleton: this now means that:

  • The PHP version has been updated to 7.2

  • Docker supoprt has been added to the project’s build and test process

  • The project dependencies have been bumped

Big thanks to @grinderrz for adding two methods to the Subject: setPageUrl and setRef.

Finally many thanks to @bradgarropy for the updates to the project README.

The tracker, including source code and documentation, can be found here.