Snowplow PHP Tracker 0.6.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of our PHP Tracker version 0.6.0.

This release adds a configurable timeout for the CurlEmitter. Also, it removes deprecation notices that were showing up when using PHP 8.2.

Thanks very much to @EricTendian, @dbhynds and @ldebrouwer for their contributions!


Add configurable timeout in CurlEmitter (#127) - thanks @dbhynds and @EricTendian!

Under the hood:
Bump dependencies (#131)
Prevent deprecation warning for dynamic property creation under PHP 8.2 (#123) - thanks @ldebrouwer!
Fix failing emitter tests (#125)

Snowplow PHP Tracker version 0.6.0 is available on Packagist.

The project’s source code can be found here.