Snowplow PHP tracker 0.4.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Snowplow PHP Tracker version 0.4.0 .

This release adds support for generating the dvce_sent_tstamp and it also updates the JSON schema for the payload_data to its latest version.

Additionally it makes the optional timestamp argument set the true_tstamp, rather than the dvce_created_tstamp. It also makes it clearer for users that the optional timestamp argument should be provided in milliseconds.

Besides, this release removes a bug that, by making use of chdir() in FileEmitter, it was changing directories, which could be a problem for production environments.

Furthermore, the event_id is now a UUID version 4.

Some features deprecated in PHP 8 were also removed: the errcontext (many thanks to @angsmugmug for raising the issue and contributing) and any required parameter after optional parameters in function or method declarations. The latter change affects the trackEcommerceTransaction by making the items parameter optional, defaulting to an empty array.

We also removed a dependency on the rmccue/requests library, which was replaced by the standard inbuilt cURL library.

Finally, we added security monitoring by Snyk through GitHub Actions.

On GitHub: Release Version 0.4.0 ยท snowplow/snowplow-php-tracker ยท GitHub
On Packagist: snowplow/snowplow-tracker - Packagist