Some SaaS use case questions


I have an idea for a SaaS product that I’d like to develop and have a few questions regarding some functionality in Snowplow. I’ve looked over the site and read many of the docs. It looks very promising but I can’t seem to find a definitive answer to some of these questions.

Essentially I would like for my users to register their website with me and get a tracking code/pixel they could put on their site. In my interface they could create events to track (clicks, views, etc.) and those events would be stored for later analysis.

Can I do the following with Snowplow?

  1.   Create unique tracking codes for each of my users websites
  2.   Create a white label code/pixel to be placed on users sites (my branding)
  3.   Create individual way of separating data stored per website (so all the data isn’t stored in one database potentially causing some security issues)
  4.   Push specific events that should be tracked per website (specific url’s and specific event on those page)

Any information would be greatly appreciated. I’m somewhat new to event tracking and have been overwhelmed with the amount of information/option out there. I also looked at Keen IO which may work but I fear may be too expensive for a beta test site. Thanks in advance.