Snowplow integration Demo

Hi all I am new in Snowplow . I want to capture the user events and on the basis on save some data in snowplow and send it to backend for analysis. some events like

  1. button click suppose (capture info like seachQuery, search result …)
  2. when hi search something in site. i want to capture the information
    please help me how should i do it with a short example

Hi guys , Can any help to solve my problem

You might want to investigate Snowplow Mini which includes a homepage with examples for firing events such as button clicks and adds to cart.

No brother, i don’t want any other third party tool to integrate in my website . right now I have one page and i can integrate it one directly on my system . but I know that much how to configure all of this kind of things .on the base of events i Have node.js service which read the object and send it to backend in DB .this is my approach Is it Fine or I need to do some changes. your help appreciate …