Snowplow usecases


we are interested in using snowplow.
I am just wondering, if the tool fits for all our usecases.

We do want to track traditional web analytics data.
For this i think snowplow is the right choice.
However we also think about about using snowplow to collect other data for example
error events from our application servers which we would like to analyse as well.
I saw snowplow offers the tracking of unstructured events - is this a good way to do this?

Would be glad for some advice.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @johnschmidt so you can use Snowplow for tracking just about everything and anything as long as you have time invest in developing the schema and embedding the tracking.

Internally we use it for a lot of our systems analysis from all of our servers, VPN logging, BI Tool logging - just about everything we turn into an event stream that fits into Snowplow. This lets us create realtime alerting and realtime dashboards that combine all of this data together.

You might need to develop quite a lot of your own schemas however to fit what you want to log from your applications and server but it is definitely possible! We also have several server-side trackers you can use like Golang, Java, Scala and C# to name a few.


Thanks a lot for the quick reply!
I think we will give it a try for a prototype.
Thanks a lot,

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