Even Tracking Plan Template

Hi Folks,

Products like Segment and Amplitude have features like event tracking plans or specifications.

I wanted to check if you follow any specifications for tracking plans around event tracking and analytics. Just thinking out loud about setting up an event governance model within cross-functional teams like PMs, DEs, and PEs.

Any references and thoughts will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi @Jayant_Kumar - Snowplow is no different in this sense in that we have something called tracking scenarios which allows you to define implementation and governance around events.

This differs a little from some other products in that it follows the Snowplow style way of tracking events (events + entities rather than just events) but has a large overlapping feature set and even extra stuff (like relationships and cardinality).

Thank you @mike At least, it gives some direction to the thoughts.

This feature is currently not available for OSS deployments.