Snowplow v3 GTM Tag Template 2.0.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Snowplow v3 GTM Tag Template v2.0.0!

This release adds a new feature that allows multiple entries for custom context entities under Additional Tracking Parameters. This is possibly a breaking change to the extend that the automatic UI update in your GTM container is probably not going to port your previous setting. Previously this section was a textbox while now it is a table. However, the exact value that you may have been using so far (an array of context entity objects) can still be used as a row in the new table.

Also if you have been using [Custom Command], with a command that required no arguments, you may notice that now empty arguments are not accepted in the configuration. If this is your use case, you will now need to explicitly provide a GTM variable that returns undefined instead.

In addition, this release fixes the tracker url for unpkg CDN and also a bug in the Enhanced Ecommerce tracking, where the promoFieldObject context was not being added to promoClick events.


New features

Allow multiple entries for custom context entities (#15)

Under the hood

Fix missing promoFieldObject context on promoClick events (#23)
Provide better support for custom commands requiring no arguments (#21)
Update Copyright to 2023 (#18)
Fix unpkg CDN url (#17)
Disallow trailing slash in collector hostname (#16)


The Snowplow v3 GTM Tag is published in the GTM Gallery, and the option to update should become automatically available in your GTM container. As mentioned above, if you are using the Additional Tracking Parameters or a [Custom Command], you will need to manually ensure your existing options are configured as expected under the new version.

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