GTM Custom Template for JavaScript Tracker v3

We are very pleased to announce that a new Google Tag Manager custom template, built for the Snowplow JavaScript Tracker v3, is now available in the GTM Gallery.

Release Version 1.0.0

Getting Started

The Tag and Settings Variable can both be installed from the Google Tag Manager gallery. The Tag requires a Settings Variable to first be configured and set within the Tag options. This allows the tag to correct configure the JavaScript Tracker.

Install Settings Variable

Install Tag Template

You can now also directly load the tracker from jsDelivr or unpkg, both 3rd party CDNs, which is configurable within the Settings variable. You can also continue to self host the tracker, our recommended approach.

One other notable change from the v2 template, is that you can build a [Custom Command], which allows you to call any function that is available as part of the JavaScript Tracker v3, giving you the opportunity to call functions from custom v3 Plugins or other functions which are not built in to the default options.

If you want to load new v3 plugins, this is also possible by setting up a tag which loads plugins. The tag configuration should match the plugin set up instructions as detailed in the plugins specific documentation page.


The v3 documentation can be found in the Snowplow Documentation. Individual guides for the Settings Variable and Tag Template are also available.

Feedback and Contributions

As always, we are very keen to hear your feedback to shape the future releases of our Google Tag Manager Templates! Please feel free to open discourse topics with ideas, and add issues and bug reports to the GitHub repositories - Settings Variable and Tag Template.

We also welcome contributions and PRs. If in doubt, open an issue or a discourse post to ask about your contribution - important contributions - especially bugfixes - will be prioritised.


hello, thanks for the template. Can you clarify whether N types can be configured with one template tag? or needs one tag per type, e.g. one per page view and then 2nd for link clicks etc…

Hi @hkorhola

You’d set up a tag for each type of event you want (although you only need to set up the initialisation options on the first tag which will fire [usually the page view]).

You’d want to do this as different tags will need different triggers in GTM.

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yeah ok thanks, it’s working :+1:

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