Snowplow GTM Templates, Get your Snowplow GTM Templates Here! :)

I was working with GTM recently and noticed that you can now create templates for various tags and templates. I decided to try it out by creating some templates for Snowplow they support the same use cases as the Google Analytics GTM tag has for quite a while; but I wouldn’t say they are 100% complete yet as they do not cover every single Snowplow use case.

Teaser Screenshot:

I have templates for:

  • Snowplow Base Tag (works like GA tag)
  • Snowplow Settings (works like GA settings variable)
  • Snowplow Context (for creating self-describing JSONs as GTM vars)
  • Snowplow Context Lists (sort of like the GTM version of a generator)

They are available on GitHub. You should just be able to download them and then import them into a new GTM Template. I would love any feedback, changes, or additions that ya’ll have and hope someone else finds these useful!



Thanks a lot, I will test them in future projects!

Since the Google documentation is sparse in a few places here are some instructions to import and use these templates in your Google Tag Manager container:

  1. Download the .tpl file you want to import.
  2. Create a new template in Google Tag Manager
    (either tag or variable, depending on which type you are importing).
  3. In the action menu in the top right corner of the template editor, choose Import.
  4. Select the .tpl file that you downloaded.
  5. Press Save and then close the editing screen
  6. You can now create a tag/variable using this template from the Tags or Variables menu in Google Tag Manager