Snowplow Analytics v3 Settings GTM Variable Template 1.1.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of GTM Variable Template v3 version 1.1.0.

This release allows users to configure the Anonymous Tracking setting using a GTM variable. The Anonymous Tracking field is now a drop-down menu instead of a checkbox field in order to enable this functionality.

The Snowplow Analytics v3 Settings Variable is used to easily apply a set of tracker configuration parameters to tags created with the Snowplow Analytics v3 Tag template, which implements the Snowplow JavaScript Tracker v3. As a note, since the Snowplow Analytics v3 Settings variable represents the initial state of the Snowplow JavaScript tracker, updating the settings variable after initialization will not change the behaviour of the tracker.


In order to upgrade, users need to configure their Anonymous Tracking setting again using the new field, where the True and False menu items correspond to the previous checkbox setting.