Snowplow-utils v0.14.1 released!

We’re happy to announce the latest version of our snowplow-utils dbt package, version 0.14.1. This version adds some extra functionality to our new get_sde_or_context macro and changes some of it’s existing outputs. No need to do anything other than bump your version number unless you are already using this macro in your custom models.


This version makes changes to the new get_sde_or_context macro to support returning multiple entities per context, and changes the join column names to reduce the risk of clashes.

:rotating_light: Breaking Changes :rotating_light:

  • Column names output by the get_sde_or_context macro have been changed from <context_name>_id/tstamp to <context_name>__id/tstamp. There is no need for you to make any changes unless you have used this macro in a custom model.


  • Add support for contexts with multiple values per event to the get_sde_or_context macro


To upgrade bump the package version in your packages.yml file.