Snowplow-utils 0.4.0 dbt package released

We are very happy to announce the release of the snowplow-utils v.0.4.0 dbt package.

This release is predominately focused on bringing Postgres support to the snowplow-web 0.4.0 package (to be released soon). A big thank you goes to @zloff for your help on this!

It also enhances the experience of modelling Snowplow data on BigQuery, with an improved combine_column_versions macro allowing for the flattening and combining of deeply nested fields.

Breaking Changes

  • Refactor combine_column_versions (#44)
  • Refactor snowplow_delete_from_manifest (#46).
  • Transition DDL manifest creation to native dbt (#40). This removes much of the DDL functionality contained in this package.


  • Add support for Postgres (#39).
  • Add CI Action (#43)


  • Restructure snowplow-utils project (#41)
  • Improve filtering for long sessions (#42)

Upgrade Notes

There is a breaking change to the snowplow_delete_from_manifest macro. If using this macro as part of an operation, please use the new, package specific macro snowplow_web_delete_from_manifest .

As part of the combine_column_versions macro refactor the arguments have changed. If you are currently using this macro, please update your arguments to reflect these changes.