Snowplow-utils 0.2.0 dbt package release

We are very happy to announce the release of the snowplow-utils v0.2.0 dbt package.

This release is predominately focused on bringing BigQuery support to the snowplow-web 0.2.0 package, which will be released soon.

It also introduces integration tests for the most critical macros within the utils package. In order to achieve this some macros had to be refactored, in some instances involving breaking changes.

Breaking Changes

  • Refactor & add tests get_run_limits (Close #9)
  • Refactor & add tests update_incremental_manifest_table (Close #10)
  • Refactor & add tests app_id_filter (Close #11)
  • Replace get_successful_snowplow_models (Close #15)


  • Add functionality to support BigQuery in snowplow-web package (Close #8)
    • This includes combine_column_verions , which will assist user’s modelling Snowplow data.
  • Add BigQuery support to snowplow_incremental (Close #7)


  • Refactor & add tests get_enabled_snowplow_models (Close #13)
  • Remove update_current_incremental_tstamp_table (Close #12)
  • Integration tests added to multiple macros along with a script to run:
    • Add integrations_tests script (Close #16)
  • Refactor create_incremental_manifest_table (Close #17)
  • Refactor & add tests snowplow_delete_from_manifest (Close #18)
  • Improve is_run_with_new_events performance (Close #19)
  • Improve documentation (Close #21)


  • Fix snowplow_teardown_all macro (Close #14)
  • Update dbt_utils URL to new dbt-labs repo (Close #20)
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