Snowplow Unity Tracker 0.8.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of our Unity Tracker version 0.8.0.

This minor release introduces a new MobileScreenView event class that provides the builds on top of the updated schema for screen view events ( At the same, it deprecates the ScreenView class in favour of the MobileScreenView.

The Unstructured event class has been renamed to SelfDescribing to follow more recent conventions in naming event types.


  • Rename Unstructured event type to SelfDescribing (#62)
  • Add mobile screen view event (#80)
  • Update Unity Editor version to 2022.3.2f1


You may download the package in the Releases section on Github.

To upgrade, delete the existing SnowplowTracker folder from your Assets/Plugins and import the new unitypackage file. If you need Newtonsoft.Json in your version of Unity you will receive build warnings which you can resolve by installing Newtonsoft.Json-for-Unity.

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