Snowplow Unity Tracker 0.5.0 released

We’re pleased to announce the Snowplow Unity Tracker v0.5.0! This release removes UnityJSON and replaces it with Newtonsoft.Json. Unity 2020+ is bundled with a Newtonsoft.Json package, and Newtonsoft.Json-for-Unity can be used for other versions.


To upgrade, delete the existing SnowplowTracker folder from your Assets/Plugins and import the new unitypackage file.

You can download the v0.5.0 unitypackage from GitHub Releases.

If you need Newtonsoft.Json in your version of Unity you will receive build warnings which you can resolve by installing Newtonsoft.Json-for-Unity.


The documentation for the Unity Tracker can be found at
You can also find further information on the GitHub repository.


Replace UnityJSON with Newtonsoft.Json (#41)
Add Test and Build GitHub Action (#33)
Add Unity Activation Action (#44)
Update SnowplowTracker.Tests to Unity 2020.3.16f1 (#43)
Update SnowplowTracker.Demo to Unity 2020.3.16f1 (#42)
Include at least one example of Unstructured Event in demo (#35)
Demo game has missing Scenes in Build settings (#34)


Wondering whether the Unity tracker support the background/foreground events that could be used to track session length as per the Mobile trackers? Thanks in advance

Unfortunately, the Unity tracker does not provide the background/foreground event tracking functionality as do the mobile trackers. However, you can track these events manually by tracking self-describing events (using the Unstructured event type in Unity tracker) with the schemas for application_background and application_foreground.