Snowplow .NET Tracker 1.3.0 released

This release adds a mobile screen view event class and an option to set custom POST path.

It also fixes a couple of bugs with incorrect serialization of the structured events under some locales and an error raised when events were resent under some circumstances.

Finally, the release updates the project dependencies, demo and test projects with the latest .NET and dependency versions.


  • Add an event class for mobile screen view and make the older screen view obsolete
  • Add CustomGetPath and CustomPostPath methods (#129) thanks to @jfjalburquerque

Bug fixes

  • Fix incorrectly formatted value in the structured event for some locales (#134)
  • Fix error on sending the same payload twice when using in memory event queue (#133)

Under the hood

  • Update dependencies and .NET version for the tests and console demo projects (#135)


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