Snowplow .NET Tracker v1.1.0 released

We’re pleased to announce an update to the Snowplow .NET Tracker!

This release includes bumping many dependencies and upgrading to run against NET Standard 2.0 as well as 1.4. Also added event level subject tracking and an in memory event queue.

The v1.1.0 update is available via NuGet: NuGet Gallery | Snowplow.Tracker 1.1.0

Event Level Subject example

var subject = new Subject().SetUserId("12345");
    new PageView().SetPageUrl("").Build(),

InMemoryBlockingQueue example

var endpoint = new SnowplowHttpCollectorEndpoint(collectorHostname, method: HttpMethod.POST, port: port, protocol: HttpProtocol.HTTP);
var queue = new InMemoryBlockingQueue();
var emitter = new AsyncEmitter(endpoint, queue);

tracker.Start(emitter: emitter, trackerNamespace: "namespace", appId: "appid");


Bump LiteDB to 5.0.10 (#97)
Add netstandard2.0 build (#95)
Add Event Level Subject (#105)
Add in-memory queue option (#77)
Add appId setter to Tracker (#104)
Stop disposing ConnectivityManager on Android (#82)
Migrate LiteDB to use ObjectID autoid (#109)
Bump Snowplow.Tracker.PlatformExtensions dependencies (#103)
Add GitHub Action to build tracker (#21)
Update Snowplow.Tracker.Tests to NET5.0 (#101)
Dispose LiteDb storage in IntegrationTest (#112)
Update NuGet publishing information (#110)
Update Copyright to 2021 (#108)
Update README links to points to Docs (#107)
Add Nuget badge to README (#64)
Add Snyk Github Action (#108)
Add Github Action to release to nuget (#30)
Update Snowplow.Demo.Console to NET5.0 (#102)
Fix release badge link (#86)