Snowplow PHP tracker 0.5.0 released

This release adds the ability to set a unique identifier (UUID) for a session (sid), and a session index (vid), as shown in the Snowplow Tracker Protocol.

Along with this, the directory used by event logs and worker logs subdirectories for the FileEmitter can now be specified with the $log_dir argument.

A bug that prevented the tracker from being built on ARM devices has also been fixed.




  • Make testTrackerInit version use TRACKER_VERSION (#110)
  • Install composer programmatically (#108)
  • Add PHP 7.4 and 8.1 to CI build (#107)
  • Fix build on ARM (#102)
  • Update all copyright notices (#113)

On GitHub: Release Version 0.5.0 ยท snowplow/snowplow-php-tracker ยท GitHub
On Packagist: snowplow/snowplow-tracker - Packagist