Snowplow GCP quickstart Incompatible provider version error

Hello. Trying to follow the GCP quickstart guide but I’m running into the following error when running the first terraform init :

**Error:** **Incompatible provider version**
│ Provider v3.44.0 does not have a package available for your
│ current platform, darwin_arm64.
│ Provider releases are separate from Terraform CLI releases, so not all providers are available for
│ all platforms. Other versions of this provider may have different platforms supported.

So yes I’m on Mac M1. I found some workaround here or these but nothing is working (getting into deeper error)

Any solution?


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Hey @simonbreton

We’re going to need to update the Google Provider for arm64 support. I’ll add this to the backlog and look to get it sorted with the next release.

Hi @PaulBoocock. Thank for the quick reply. Where can I follow up on this? When you say “next release”, What do you mean exactly? Which release? Thanks.

So I’ve planned in a patch release for the 22.01 branch of quickstart examples which will bump these. No timeline yet, but you can watch this Milestone and keep your eye on Discourse for an announcement.

As a workaround, you could either find a none ARM64 device or spin up a little VM in the cloud to run the terraform from (which is x86).

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Working with a VM. Thanks.