Errors in GCP Quick Guide

Hi! I am trying to install the Quick GCP default configuration but at the moment to apply the terraform I´ve got the following error:

The group instance, the instance and instance template are installed, but the health check is not ok.

If I see the log of the startup script I´ve got the following error:

Please let me know any ideas of things to check.


The first error sounds like your network connection may have dropped out if Terraform isn’t able to connect to If you run terraform plan does it still have steps to complete?

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Hi! tks for ur reply. “Terraform plan” worked fine at the beginning, I´ve tried 3 times with new projects because I thought it was my network, maybe I should increase the timeouts of the file??
If I use “terraform plan” now, it stays like this:

This is odd - something like creating an instance group manager shouldn’t generally take this long, and Terraform shouldn’t take a particularly long time to refresh the state assuming that it exists. Does the sp-iglu-server-grp resource exist in the account?

Maybe double check that you aren’t hitting any quotas in your project as well? Google Cloud Platform