Snowplow aws quickstart on m1 mac - terraform init error

It looks like during terraform init for the snowplow aws quickstart that terrafrom-provider-aws v3.25.0 is being used. I’m getting the following error message: “Provider Terraform Registry v3.25.0 does not have a package available for your current platform, darwin_arm64.” It looks like m1 mac compatibility was fixed in v3.30.0 Apple Silicon (M1) darwin_arm64 Support · Issue #16948 · hashicorp/terraform-provider-aws · GitHub. Are there any known workarounds? Could the terraform module(s) be updated to >=3.30.0?

Hi @trials, as a workaround you should be able to change the provider version directly by updating this line yourself to a compatible version: quickstart-examples/ at main · snowplow/quickstart-examples · GitHub

The next release will be updating the minimum version of this provider in any case to something compatible but will make sure to flag this as a specific issue.