Snowplow Flutter tracker v0.5.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Flutter tracker v0.5.0.

This release brings lifecycle autotracking for iOS and Android apps. When configured, a Lifecycle context entity is attached to all events. It records whether the app was visible or not when the event was tracked. In addition, a Background event will be tracked when the app is moved to background, and a Foreground event when the app moves back to foreground (becomes visible on the screen).

Lifecycle autotracking is off by default. Configure it with the TrackerConfiguration when setting up the tracker. It has no effect on web apps.

SnowplowTracker tracker = await Snowplow.createTracker(
    namespace: 'namespace',
    endpoint: 'http://...',
    trackerConfig: const TrackerConfiguration(
      lifecycleAutotracking: true


New Features
Add lifecycle autotracking config option (#39)

The project’s source code can be found here. Check out the Snowplow Docs section for more information about setting up and using the tracker. The package is published on as snowplow_tracker.