Flutter tracker 0.2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of Flutter tracker v0.2.0. It now works with Flutter 3!

We’ve updated the versions of the internal Snowplow trackers: it now uses JavaScript tracker v3.5 (for Web), Android v4, and iOS v4. The upgrade to JavaScript tracker v3.5 meant we were able to remove a JS file, making the tracker load more easily, and most importantly, load using Flutter 3.

The ability to set a custom POST path has also been added. Thanks to @erickok for the suggestion.


New Features
Configure custom POST path (#15)

Bug fixes
Remove loading custom JavaScript for session context and reading cookies (#13)

Under The Hood
Upgrade underlying mobile native trackers to version 4 (#17)
Fix schema link in documentation for ScreenView (#12)
Upgrade min Flutter, Dart and Android SDK versions and upgrade dependencies (#19) - thanks @koga for the Android upgrade!

The project’s source code can be found here. Check out the Snowplow Docs section for more information about setting up and using the tracker. The package is published on pub.dev as snowplow_tracker.

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