Snowplow Flutter Tracker 0.6.0 released

This release updates the underlying mobile trackers on iOS and Android to version 6.0. Along with this update, it adds the new mobile screen engagement tracking feature to the tracker. The release also adds an option to override values in the platform context entity tracked on mobile, including setting the IDFA identifiers.


  • Upgrade mobile trackers to version 6.0
  • Add support for mobile screen engagement tracking including list item view and scroll changed events (#43)
  • Add configuration to override platform context properties in the mobile context including the IDFA identifiers (#44)

Under the hood

  • Update SDK constraint to <4.0.0 (#42)
  • Fix publish action (#38)
  • Remove deprecated setMockMethodCallHandler from tests (#41)
  • Move the repository to the snowplow Github organization (#29)


Package on snowplow_tracker | Flutter package
Github release: Release Version 0.6.0 ยท snowplow/snowplow-flutter-tracker ยท GitHub

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