Snowplow C++ Tracker 0.4.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of our C++ Tracker version 0.4.0.

This release improves the retry behavior for failed requests in Emitter by introducing exponential back-off. This ensures that the Emitter waits for increasingly longer periods of time before retrying failed requests. Also, subject information about user or device can now be attached to individual events. Finally, the subject now also provides an option to set a custom user IP address.


  • Add back-off on 100% event sending failure (#9)
  • Add event-level Subject (#61)
  • Add IP address property to Subject (#62)

Under the hood:

  • Rename send_limit to batch_size in Emitter (#63)

Documentation: C++ Tracker - Snowplow Docs
On GitHub: Release Version 0.4.0 ยท snowplow/snowplow-cpp-tracker ยท GitHub