Snowplow C++ Tracker 0.2.0 released

We are pleased to announce the release of our C++ Tracker version 0.2.0.

This release brings a necessary refresh to the tracker. It updates dependencies and adds support for C++17. It also brings several new features: improved session handling that is now in line with the approach taken by our mobile trackers and doesn’t require running a daemon thread, option to configure user-agent string in subject, and a C++ namespace (snowplow) is added to all tracker classes and types to avoid conflicts with user code. Finally, there are improvements in the API and official documentation and numerous improvements behind-the-scenes.


  • Update session when events are tracked (#35)
  • Allow custom User Agent strings (#23)
  • Use snowplow namespace (#13)
  • Add support for C++17 (#36)
  • Update sqlite3 to latest version due to use of deprecated APIs (#24)
  • Add API documentation (#40)

Under the hood:

  • Update copyright notices (#26)
  • Fix links to documentation in README (#25)
  • Build and release using Github actions (#27)
  • Add performance testing setup (#37)
  • Follow a code style guide (#44)
  • Change all OS-X references to macOS (#11)

Breaking changes

This version adds a snowplow namespace to all tracker components. You will need to import specific or all types from the namespace:

using namespace snowplow;

The constructor for ClientSession also changed, dropping the last argument for check_interval that is no longer necessary. Simply remove the last argument when creating an instance of ClientSession.

Documentation: C++ Tracker - Snowplow Docs
On GitHub: Release Version 0.2.0 · snowplow/snowplow-cpp-tracker · GitHub
On npm: GitHub - snowplow/snowplow-cpp-tracker: Snowplow event tracker for C++. Add analytics to your C++ applications, games and servers