Snowplow C++ Tracker 1.0.0 released

We are excited to announce the release of our C++ Tracker version 1.0.0!

This is the first stable release of the tracker and adds the tracker to the list of our maintained trackers!

The release brings updates to the API and introduces a Snowplow class for easier initialization and management of one or more trackers. A new tracker can now be initialized with a single line of code, e.g., auto tracker = Snowplow::create_tracker("ns", "", POST, "sp.db");.

Support for the cmake build system was also introduced. This enables the package to be imported into other cmake projects. The library can be still be installed without using cmake by copying source files from the include folder.

Other changes include support for storing HTTP cookies in collector requests, adopting the version 1.0.2 of the client_session schema for session context entities with eventIndex and firstEventTimestamp properties, new API docs, and integration tests.


  • Add a Snowplow interface with the ability to initialize and manage multiple trackers (#57)
  • Add eventIndex and firstEventTimestamp properties to client sessions (#80)
  • Add support for storing cookies in HTTP clients (#78)
  • Add build using cmake (#65)
  • Add integration tests using Snowplow Micro (#57)
  • Publish API docs on Github Pages (#73)

See the Upgrading section in the documentation for help upgrading from previous versions.

Documentation: C++ Tracker - Snowplow Docs
API documentation: Snowplow C++ Tracker: C++ Tracker
On GitHub: Release Version 1.0.0 ยท snowplow/snowplow-cpp-tracker ยท GitHub