Response from enableErrorTracking

I’ve added enableErrorTracking to snowplow, and modified an event to purposefully create errors; however, I don’t see any being reported.

What types of errors should I see when enableErrorTracking is active?

snowplow('enableErrorTracking', function (filter, contextAdder) {
        console.log( 'args', arguments );
        if (filter.hasOwnProperty('message')) {
            console.log('error Msg', filter.message )
        console.log('context', contextAdder);

Hi @sandraqu , the enableErrorTracking method is useful for tracking error events that fire in a window event listener. You can see the implementation here: snowplow-javascript-tracker/index.ts at master · snowplow/snowplow-javascript-tracker · GitHub

Hopefully this clears it up but do let us know how you fare.