Snowplow JavaScript trackers v3.17.0 released

We are pleased to announce version 3.17.0 of the Snowplow JavaScript Trackers!

Version 3.17.0

This release adds an option to the tracker initialization, which allows the user to choose if they want to retry sending events in the case of a sending failure:

newTracker(..., {
    retryFailedRequests: true,

In addition, v3.17.0 also updates the GA Cookies plugin to include Google Analytics 4 cookies such as _ga_<container-id>.

Furthermore, the CommonEventProperties now allow for type argument option.

New features

  • Update browser-plugin-ga-cookies to include options for Google Analytics 4 cookies (#1226)
  • Provide option not to retry on event send failure (#1248)
  • Allow for type argument for CommonEventProperties (#1249)

Under the hood

  • Consider status codes <200 (#1244)
  • Bump browser_context schema to 2-0-0 (#1260)
  • Drop invalid client hints (#1264)


As noted above, under the hood this release switches to v2 of the browser context schema. This means that users who have the browser context enabled in their tracker initialization, will notice that the browser information will exist in a new atomic events column (or table, depending on their warehouse).