Snowplow JavaScript Trackers v3.18.0 released

This release brings a few new features to the tracker:

  • Automatic, out-the-box tracking for <button> clicks with the @snowplow/browser-plugin-button-click-tracking plugin! (docs here).

  • A couple of new callbacks have also been introduced to the JS tracker config, allowing users to define callbacks to be run when events are either successfully sent to the collector, or fail to do so:

onRequestSuccess: (data) => console.log(`Hooray, ${data} has been sent`),
onRequestFailure: (data) => console.log(`Oh no, ${data} failed to send :(`),

(see more at the onRequestSuccess and onRequestFailure docs)

  • The link click tracking plugin now tracks mailto links.

  • And finally, the JS (web/node) API docs are now hosted on GitHub pages!