Snowplow JavaScript Tracker 2.15.0 released

It’s finally here! v2.15.0 of the JavaScript Tracker featuring Anonymous Tracking functionality. There are plenty of other exciting features in here too, plus bug fixes and lots of under the hood improvements.

Our focus now turns to v3 of the JS Tracker, a very exciting release, so keep your eyes peeled for more information on that being posted here soon.

Anyway, back to 2.15.0, you’ll find the changelog and sp.js file here:

The updated docs are here:

And here is what you can expect to see:

New Features
Add anonymized tracking options (#793)
Add support for callback after trackEvent (#30)
Add User Agent Client Hints Context (closes #816)
Return full element in transform function within form tracking (#825)
Make browser feature fields optional (#810)

Bug Fixes
Metric GET failure should not block queue executing (#769)
Canceled request with slow3g (#642)
Change initial page ping to fire at minimum visit length when less than heart beat delay (#803)

Under the hood
Switch page ping code to use arrays of events (#46)
Update SauceLabs to group tests into builds (#828)
Add Snowplow Maintenance Badge (#820)
Add (#819)
Add Snyk configuration (#822)
Update README to direct to new docs website (#827)
Update Copyright notices to 2020 (#826)